Purpose and goal of the School

The educational philosophy of AOCA is God’s truth and the Bible is inspired and authoritative World of God which contains this truth. Education at AOCA is approached form a Biblical perspective that recognizes the sovereignty and authority of God.

AOCA’s primary purpose is to provide an excellent academic program in a well-discipline, Christian atmosphere. AOCA is a place where academics, good moral character, physical well-being and respect for others are emphasized and expected at all times.

Every facet of helping a young person to mature is based upon Luke 2:52 and Christ’s example of growing: “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man”

Statement of Faith

With a foundation that is fully grounded in the basic doctrine of the word of God, our philosphy is a christ-centered one. As stated in Proverbs 9:10 “ The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” Accordingly, all of our curriculum has at its basis acknowledgment of God, and of our lives. Therefore, as we educate, we also demonstrate. As we train, we also demonstrate. As we train, we also lead. All things are done as unto the Lord.


School Hours
Normal school hours will be as follows:

Monday through Friday:
Pre-K & - 12th. grade:
8:00 a.m.– 3.00 p.m.

Hours of office operation:
8:30 a.m.– 3:30 p.m

5621 N. Freeway (I-45N) Houston, Tx. 77076, Phone: (713) 742-6726  Fax: (713) 697-1726

Six Months to Pre-School


No enrollment fee special


Centro Cristiano Houston


Centro Cristiano es un lugar donde puedes encontrar gente genuina que le interesa tu desarrollo. Nuestra misión es Formar hijos de Dios para el propósito de Su Reino. Ven y se parte de la familia de Centro Cristiano. 


5621 N FWY. HOUSTON TX. 77076.  

(713) 697-2457 .


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